A Forbidden Marriage

Against his wishes, and risking his wrath, General Hastings’ daughter Reine elopes with the heir of Waldron Towers.

A Forbidden Marriage
A Forbidden Marriage

Written by Laura Jean Libbey (1862–1924) and copyright 1889.
33 Chapters, 65,700 words.

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  • Chapter I. Coming Events Cast their Shadows Before.
  • Chapter II. General Hastings’ Daughter.
  • Chapter III. “I Warned You Against Him.”
  • Chapter IV. A Fatal Wooing.
  • Chapter V. “I Would Rather See My Daughter Dead than Give Her  to You.”
  • Chapter VI. “You Must Learn to Forget Him.”
  • Chapter VII. Reine Bows to the Inevitable.
  • Chapter VIII. “Where is the Bride?”
  • Chapter IX. The Detective on the Trail.
  • Chapter X. The Heir of the Towers.
  • Chapter XI. A Mystery.
  • Chapter XII. The Elopement.
  • Chapter XIII. Thorns in the Bridal Wreath.
  • Chapter XIV. “She Chose Her Own Path, Now Let Her Follow It.”
  • Chapter XV. “I Wish to Heaven I had not Married You.”
  • Chapter XVI. “Would it End in a Duel?”
  • Chapter XVII. “Oh Cruel Love whose End is Scorn.”
  • Chapter XVIII. “Great Heaven!—It is Reine!”
  • Chapter XIX. A Noble Foe.
  • Chapter XX. Out in the Darkness and the Storm.
  • Chapter XXI. “You did not Wed a Saint when You Married Me.”
  • Chapter XXII. An Unexpected Encounter.
  • Chapter XXIII. The Deserted Bride.
  • Chapter XXIV. You are Wanted in Haste.
  • Chapter XXV. Thrown on the Merciless World.
  • Chapter XXVI. One Kind Editor.
  • Chapter XXVII. I have Come Home to Die.
  • Chapter XXVIII. Man is but Mortal.
  • Chapter XXIX. A Storm on the Florida Coast.
  • Chapter XXX. Life or Death.
  • Chapter XXXI. Unhappy is the Bride that the Rain falls on.
  • Chapter XXXII. Mystery and Woe.
  • Chapter XXXIII. The Wages of Sin is Death.