A Heritage of Love

“A Heritage of Love” is the concluding sequel to “The Golden Key”, and details how Gerald Winchester’s establishes a claim to a banker’s fortune to the complete undoing of the scheming John Hubbard.

Copyright 1896, 1987, 1905 By Street and Smith.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow. 26 chapters, 236 pages, 57,000 words.

A Heritage of Love
A Heritage of Love

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Chapter I. – A Strange Revelation.
Chapter II. – A Letter From the Dead.
Chapter III. – In the Ashton Cemetery.
Chapter IV. – A Curious Adventure.
Chapter V. – Stolen.
Chapter VI. – A Remarkable Story.
Chapter VII. – The New Guest.
Chapter VIII. – Mr. Plum’s Revelation.
Chapter IX. – A Stranger from New York.
Chapter X. – John Hubbard Arrested.
Chapter XI. – An Old Schoolmate.
Chapter XII. – Allison Alive.
Chapter XIII. – “Gerald, Save Me.”
Chapter XIV. – Gerald Learns the Truth.
Chapter XV. – Herald of Glad Tidings.
Chapter XVI. – More Revelations.
Chapter XVII. – Planning for the Future.
Chapter XVIII. – A Long-Hidden Diary.
Chapter XIX. – Back in New York.
Chapter XX. – Gerald Faces his Old Enemy.
Chapter XXI. – Preparing for a Wedding.
Chapter XXII. – Allison Finds Her Mother.
Chapter XXIII. – Lady Bromley’s Story.
Chapter XXIV. – Secret of the Golden Key.
Chapter XXV. – The Mysterious Key.
Chapter XXVI. – The Wedding.