A Shadowed Happiness

“A Shadowed Happiness” concludes the story of young Edward “Ned” Wallingford Heatherton from where it paused at the conclusion of “Wild Oats; or, Rising to Honor.”

Bill Bunting manages to ensnare Ned in an evil plot, tarnishing his good character.
Written by “Mrs. Georgie Sheldon” (Sarah Elizabeth Forbush Downs 1843–1926), and copyright 1892 by Street and Smith.
256 pages; 24 chapters; 67,000 words.

A Shadowed Happiness by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
A Shadowed Happiness by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon


  • Chapter I. – A Pair of Arch-Plotters.
  • Chapter II. – Ned Goes to Albany Upon an Important Errand.
  • Chapter III. – Ned Finds Himself in a Terrible Predicament.
  • Chapter IV. – Our Young Hero is Still in Deep Waters.
  • Chapter V. – A New Actor Appears Upon the Scene.
  • Chapter VI. – Ned Makes a New Acquaintance.
  • Chapter VII. – Miriam Heatherton is Startled by an Unexpected Visitor.
  • Chapter VIII. – Richard Finds the Tables Turned.
  • Chapter IX. – Gertrude Langmaid Receives a Startling Proposal.
  • Chapter X. – Ned is Invited to Go Yachting.
  • Chapter XI. – Mr. Lawson Receives Bad News.
  • Chapter XII. – Consternation Reigns at the Bank.
  • Chapter XIII. – Miriam Heatherton Asserts Herself.
  • Chapter XIV. – “Zounds! What a Spirit That Woman Has!”
  • Chapter XV. – Gertrude’s Faith in Her Lover.
  • Chapter XVI. – “While There’s Life There’s Hope.”
  • Chapter XVII. – Ned Makes a Wonderful Discovery.
  • Chapter XVIII. – A Bold Venture.
  • Chapter XIX. – Ned and Mr. Hunting Succeed in Carrying Out Their Plans.
  • Chapter XX. – More Treacherous Plotting.
  • Chapter XXI. – Gertrude’s Abduction is Explained to Ned.
  • Chapter XXII. – An Unexpected Revelation.
  • Chapter XXIII. – More Astounding Developments.
  • Chapter XXIV. – Conclusion.

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