David Lindsay

“David Lindsay” resumes the story of the Gloria de la Vera from where it paused at the conclusion of “Gloria.”

David Lindsay
David Lindsay

Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and copyright in 1877 by Robert Bonner.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the A. L. Burt printed edition. 43 chapters, 390 pages, 130,000 words.

I. – David Lindsay’s Woe.
II. – A Terrible Visitor.
III. – Traces of the Apparition.
IV. – Who Was He?
V. – The Parting Lover.
VI. – The Stranger.
VII. – The Lover’s Weird.
VIII. – Dame Lindsay’s Secret.
IX. – Dame Lindsay’s Story.
X. – The Charm of the Serpent.
XI. – The Sting of the Serpent.
XII. – Desolée’s Secret.
XIII. – Gloria’s Decision.
XIV. – Gloria’s Grief.
XV. – A Monster’s Death.
XVI. – Father and Son.
XVII. – A Desperado.
XVIII. – The End of Dyvyd Gryphyn’s Story.
XIX. – Philippa Falls in Love with a Portrait.
XX. – The Lonely Heart.
XXI. – Gloria’s New Suitor.
XXII. – The Young Man and the Old Priest.
XXIII. – Gold, Silver and Gems.
XXIV. – The Blood Money.
XXV. – Gloria’s Brilliant Success.
XXVI. – At the Springs.
XXVII. – Twin Names.
XXVIII. – Gloria’s Sudden Resolution.
XXIX. – Sandy Isle.
XXX. – Lost Love.
XXXI. – Love Won.
XXXII. – A Terrible Shock.
XXXIII. – Sorrow and Remorse.
XXXIV. – John Servant.
XXXV. – Who Is He?
XXXVI. – The Weary Wayfarer.
XXXVII. – A Meeting.
XXXVIII. – David Lindsay.
XXXIX. – David and Gloria.
XL. – United.
XLI. – Their Life-work.
XLII. – The Horror in the Cave.
XLIII. – Light At Last.