Edda’s Birthright

Edda’s Birthright, or, The Heir of Charlwich
Edda’s Birthright, or, The Heir of Charlwich

At age nineteen, Edda Brend discovers that she has no familial ties at all, and she is ejected from the one home she has always known.

Written by Mrs. Harriet Newell (O’Brien) Lewis (1841-1878) and published in 1873 by Robert Bonner. Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from multiple sources. 52 chapters, 160,000 words.

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I. – The Heir’s Return.
II. – In a Difficult Path.
III. – A Resolute Advance.
IV. – Terrible Questions Arising.
V. – A Well-matched Couple.
VI. – Miss Powys and Edda.
VII. – A New Element of Discord.
VIII. – The Lovers to be Separated.
IX. – Undisguised Hostility.
X. – Edda’s New Life.
XI. – The Mysteries Surrounding Edda.
XII. – A First Triumph for Odo.
XIII. – Another Disappearance.
XIV. – An Old Adage Exemplified.
XV. – A Declaration of War.
XVI. – Entrapped.
XVII. – A Sudden Change.
XVIII. – Edda’s Resolve.
XIX. – Meeting an Old Acquaintance.
XX. – On the Trail.
XXI. – La Tour de St. Pierre.
XXII. – More Half-confidences.
XXIII. – At Storm Castle.
XXIV. – New Light Upon the Situation.
XXV. – New Arrivals.
XXVI. – A Singular Complication.
XXVII. – Mrs. Vavasour Disappointed.
XXVIII. – An Immeasurable Joy.
XXIX. – The Earl Dangerously Near.
XXX. – Trouble Ahead.
XXXI. – Miss Cameron Shows Her Real Nature.
XXXII. – An Unexpected Crisis.
XXXIII. – The Earl’s Mysterious Acquaintance.
XXXIV. – Mrs. Vavasour’s Will.
XXXV. – The Rightful Heir.
XXXVI. – Coming to Terms.
XXXVII. – How Dingo’s Silence was Secured.
XXXVIII. – The Lovers come to an Understanding.
XXXIX. – Mrs. Vavasour’s Birthday.
XL. – A Fateful Encounter.
XLI. – The Baron’s Proposition.
XLII. – Under a Mistake.
XLIII. – The Reading of the Will.
XLIV. – Father and Daughter.
XLV. – Into the Snare.
XLVI. – A Gloomy Reception.
XLVII. – Light Thrown on Edda’s History.
XLVIII. – Suspicions Verified.
XLIX. – Two Women.
L. – Edda’s Troubles Culminate.
LI. – Approaching the End.
LII. – Wrongs All Righted.