Edmund’s Tale: Growing up with disabilities

Edmund's Tale
Edmund’s Tale

Born with multiple disabilities, Edmund is a kitten who has to learn to do things in his own way. Edmund shares the challenges he faces as he explores his world, discovering how to make the most of his unique abilities. Full color story book for children. The original photographs from the 1996 black and white edition have been carefully restored and reprinted in this full color 2nd edition, with additional photos and the original text.

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There are two color editions available.

  • ISBN-13: 978-0988943711  ISBN-10: 0988943719: This edition is manufactured with a “saddle-stitch” spine, stapled at its center pages like a brochure or pamphlet, allowing the book to fully 180 degrees for full presentation of the adjoining pages, or to lie flat while opened. Great for reading the story aloud to other young listeners.

978-0988943711 at Amazon.

978-0988943711 at Barnes and Noble.

  •  ISBN-13: 978-0988943704 ISBN-10:  0988943700: This edition is manufactured with a “perfect-bound” spine, with a tight, squared spine as would suit larger volume.

978-0988943704 at Amazon.

978-0988943704 at Barnes and Noble.