Lily of Mordaunt

The Lily of Mordaunt
The Lily of Mordaunt

Philip Paxton is invited to spend a holiday at Hazelmere, the magnificent country seat of Sir Anthony Hamilton, Bart., where he is first introduced to Lady Elaine Warburton, the ‘Lily of Mordaunt.’

Written by “Mrs. Georgie Sheldon” (Sarah Elizabeth Forbush Downs 1843–1926), and copyright 1884, and 1899 By Street and Smith.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow fro the A. L. Burt edition. 23 chapters, 229 pages, 56,000 words.

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I. – A Perfect Beauty.
II. – “Which is the More Lovely?”
III. – A Friend in Need.
IV. – I Will Win You Yet.
V. – Unheeded Flew the Hours.
VI. – Disappointment.
VII. – “I do not Believe You.”
VIII. – Betrothed Lovers.
IX. – The First Wedding.
X. – Arley’s Visitor.
XI. – I Cannot Give You Up.
XII. – It Seems Incredible.
XIII. – The Portrait.
XIV. – The Engagement Ring.
XV. – A Tearful Farewell.
XVI. – The Door Locked Upon Him.
XVII. – Bad News.
XVIII. – Arley’s Resolve.
XIX. – Jane Collins’ Story.
XX. – Arley’s Illness.
XXI. – A Wicked Deed.
XXII. – Saved.
XXIII. – The Last Appeal.