Nearest and Dearest

Nerissa Lovel and Lancelot Roslyn are “Nearest and Dearest,” but the greater interest in this tale surrounds the strained relations between Eldiva Lisburne and John Daw.

Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and first copyright in 1880 by Robert Bonner’s Sons.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the A. L. Burt printed edition. 19 chapters. 290 pages. 80,000 words.

Nearest and Dearest
Nearest and Dearest

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  • The Wolf’s Head.
  • Eldiva.
  • Lord and Lady.
  • The Wedding.
  • The Bride’s Return.
  • Roderick.
  • A Mystery and a Revelation.
  • “Love, Still Love.”
  • Confronted.
  • Mystery of Mysteries.
  • Ruth’s Resolve.
  • That Voice.
  • Changes at Shadow Hall.
  • The Letter—The Summons.
  • Meeting and Parting.
  • The Movements of the Hunchback.
  • The Test—The Triumph.
  • Life and Joy.
  • A Strange Scene.