A Skeleton in the Closet

A rivalry exists between Brandon Coyle of Caveland, and Valdimir Desparde of Cloudland for the hand of the lovely Lady Arielle Montjoie.

Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and first Copyright in 1878.

A Skeleton in the Closet
A Skeleton in the Closet

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the Burt edition. 35 Chapters; 308 pages; 103,000 words.

– The Conspiracy.
– The Bridegroom Elect.
– “The Most Unhappy of Men.”
– John Beaue, Baron Beaudevere.
– The Bride.
– From Smiles to Tears.
– Some Light on a Dark Subject.
– Brother and Sister.
– The Rivals.
– In the Miston Rectory.
– Arielle.
– Between Two Loves.
– A Fatal Plot.
– Net’s Folly.
– The Evil Pair at Work.
– Skol.
– Net’s Fate.
– The Discovery.
– Lost Hope.
– A Stormy Interview.
– The Rector’s Return.
– The Father’s Judgment.
– Up and Doing.
– Gone Home.
– The Young Wife’s Doom.
– Lady Arielle’s Suitor.
– Arielle’s Decision.
– “The Bird’s Nest”
– Kit’s Marriage Lines.
– A Shock.
– The Shadow of Fate.
– A Crisis.
– A Catastrophe.
– The Fatal Dinner Party.
– The Earl’s Will and the Lady’s Will.