The Beautiful Coquette

The Beautiful Coquette
The Beautiful Coquette

The curse on the daughters of their house hangs over the twin orphaned sisters Margaret and Aurelia Lancaster.

Written by Laura Jean Libbey (1862–1925) and copyright 1892 by Norman L. Munro. 53 chapters, 90,800 words.

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  • I. The Lovers.
  • II. In a Thoughtless Moment the Vow was Wrung From Her Lips.
  • III. “If I Never Love, I Shall Never Marry!”
  • IV. “Will His Love Prove True—or False?”
  • V. A Mutual Attraction at First Sight.
  • VI. The Heart of Man.
  • VII. “Oh, Constancy, Thou Art a Jewel.”
  • VIII. “Take My Answer With You Through Life.”
  • IX. Fair of Face, and False of Heart.
  • X. “Life Would Not Be Worth Living—Without Your Love!”
  • XI. Whatever is To Be, Will Be.
  • XII. “I Wish You Loved Me Less.”
  • XIII. “I Could Not Say Good-bye To You Before Strangers!”
  • XIV. A Chance Acquaintance.
  • XV. “Oh, it is Dreary—I am Aweary of Riding Alone.”
  • XVI. “Never Tell That We Have Met Before.”
  • XVII. “Oh, Constancy in Love, Thou Art Indeed a Jewel!”
  • XVIII. “Does She Love Me—or Hate Me?”
  • XIX. “I See Thy Face in Every Dream—My Waking Thoughts are Full of Thee.”
  • XX. “I am Thinking of You Every Day!”
  • XXI. “Am I First in Your Heart?”
  • XXII. One Man of Honor.
  • XXIII. All for a Woman’s Love.
  • XXIV. Sweet, Fair Margaret.
  • XXV. Her Pitiful Love-story.
  • XXVI. “Gerald Romaine’s Promised Wife is Nothing to Me.”
  • XXVII. “It was Only a Flirtation.”
  • XVIII. Back from the Portals of the Tomb.
  • XXIX. Back from the Portals of the Tomb.
  • XXX. A Noble Lover.
  • XXXI. Great Changes That Alter Two Destinies.
  • XXXII. Should May Wed with December?
  • XXXIII. Facing the Cruel World.
  • XXXIV. An Unexpected Intelligence.
  • XXXV. “I am Going to Live like a Grand Lady.”
  • XXXVI. Margaret’s Sad Experience.
  • XXXVII. In Central Park.
  • XXXVIII. Gerald Romaine’s Return.
  • XXXIX. “I Will Never Forgive Him for Those Words.”
  • XL. The Heiress of Lancaster.
  • XLI. The Lion of the Hour.
  • XLII. “I Did Not Think You Would Care What Became of Me.”
  • XLIII. What if He Were to Marry Margaret?
  • XLIV. Margaret Loved Him for Himself—Not his Wealth.
  • XLV. Pledged to Each Other.
  • XLVI. “Your Answer Holds Life or Death for Me.”
  • XLVII. The Story of a Blighted Life.
  • XLVIII. A Memory of the Past.
  • XLIX. “God Help Me—I Cannot Trust You.”
  • L. No One Should Look Upon Her Face Again.
  • LI. Driven to Bay.
  • LII. “Keep Her and Margaret the Whole Wide World Apart.”
  • LIII. Conclusion.