The Deserted Wife

The Deserted Wife
The Deserted Wife

The life and times of the residents of Heath Hall, of Churchill’s Point, Maryland.
Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and copyright 1850 by D. Appleton & Company.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow. 45 chapters, 184,600 words. Complete in one volume.

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I. – The Old Mansion House.
II. – The Minister.
III. – Death.
IV. – The Stranger.
V. – The Philosopher.
VI. – The Young Lieutenant.
VII. – Young Love.
VIII. – The Phantom’s Warning.
IX. – The Wanderer’s Death.
X. – An Unexpected Event.
XI. – Hagar.
XII. – Rosalia.
XIII. – The Attic.
XIV. – Gusty.
XV. – The Moor.
XVI. – The Story of Fanny Raymond.
XVII. – In Storm.
XVIII. – The Death Chamber.
XIX. – The Chase.
XX. – The Lovers.
XXI. – Hagar’s Bridal.
XXII. “She is All Simplicity.”
XXIII. – The Bride’s Parting.
XXIV. – The Forsaken House.
XXV. – The Rialto.
XXVI. – The Love Angel.
XXVII. – Agnes and Agatha.
XXVIII. – Clouds.
XXIX. – Jealousy.
XXX. – Treachery.
XXXI. – The Lone One.
XXXII. – The Tempted Angel.
XXXIII. – The Desolated.
XXXIV. – Changes.
XXXV. – The Return.
XXXVI. – Hagar at Heath Hall.
XXXVII. – Remorse.
XXXVIII. – The Wounded Eagle.
XXXIX. – A Revelation.
XL. – Hagar’s Resolve.
XLI. – Constantinople.
XLII. – The Letter.
XLIII. – Rosalia’s Wanderings.
XLIV. – The Queen of Song.
XLV. – An Evening at Heath Hall.