The Fatal Marriage

The Fatal Marriage
The Fatal Marriage

Though irrevocably pledged to another, Mr. Orville Deville, Lieutenant in His Majesty’s provincial corps and heir of River-view, marries the young Lionne Delaforêt.

Written by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1819–1899) and copyright 1863 by T. B. Peterson & Brothers.

Also reprinted as “Fatal Marriage or Orville Deville,” by the same publisher, and as “Lionne;” or “The Doom of Deville.”

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the 1863 by T. B. Peterson. 41 Chapters, 467 pages, 132,500 words.

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I. – The Outlaw’s Daughter.
II. – The Outlaw’s Home.
III. – The Outlaw.
IV. – Passion.
V. – Passion and Temptation.
VI. – The Old Manor-House.
VII. – The Lady Adelaide Deville.
VIII. – Which is the Wife?
IX. – The Fair Bride.
X. – Lionne.
XI. – Interview between Adelaide and Lionne.
XII. – Self-Sacrifice.
XIII. – At Bush Creek.
XIV. – Discovery of the Flight.
XV. – Betrayer and Betrayed.
XVI. – Orville end Lionne.
XVII. – The Midnight Walk.
XVIII. – The Rescued Wanderer.
XIX. – Lionne.
XX. – Adeleide.
XXI. – Lionne and the Indian Witch.
XXII. – Lady Adelaide’s Woe.
XXIII. – Adelaide’s Consolation.
XXIV. – Lake Island and Castle.
XXV. – Death at the Fête.
XXVI. – The Spectre at the Feast.
XXVII. – The Cleaving Curse.
XXVIII. – Vengeance.
XXIX. – An Act of Madness.
XXX. – A Houseless Night Wanderer.
XXXI. – The Stranger’s Fate.
XXXII. – The Wife.
XXXIII. – Strange Meetings.
XXXIV. – Melpomene.
XXXV. – The Meeting.
XXXVI. – Storms.
XXXVII. – The Crisis.
XXXVIII. – The Lioness and the Lamb.
XXXIX. – The Curse of an Accomplished Vow.
XL. – The Avenger.
XLI. – Conclusion.