Edith Trevor’s Secret

The scene is Zorlitz parsonage in the Black Forest, and St. Leonards, Sussex, England. Edith, Lady Trevor, incurred the displeasure of her grandfather, Lord St. Leonards, by an ill-judged marriage. After her widowhood she attempted to remedy matters by a treacherous act that involved a fortune, the fate of an infant and the happiness of Cecil Rosse and the Earl of Glenham. The interest is in the machinations of Lady Trevor with their final developments.
Written by Mrs. Harriet Newell (O’Brien) Lewis (1841-1878) and copyright 1877 by Robert Bonner. Previously printed in serial form as “Lady Trevor’s Secret,” and as “Mystery of Cecil Rosse.” The Ledger Library No. 59. Eagle Series No. 370. Select Library No. 211.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from the 1892 New York edition.


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