Neva’s Three Lovers and Neva’s Choice

Neva Wynde’s learns of the remarriage, followed by the sudden death of her father, the baronet. Returning home to Hawkhurst mansion, she finds things very different from when she left home.
Written by Mrs. Harriet Newell (O’Brien) Lewis (1841-1878) and first published in serial form in “The New York Ledger” and “The London Journal” in 1871-1872.
Includes Street & Smith Select Library No. 231, “Neva’s Three Lovers,” as well as Select Library No. 232, “Neva’s Choice,” a sequel to “Neva’s Three Lovers,” together in one volume.
Published also in 1888-1889 with the title of “Free At Last.”
Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow from multiple sources.


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