Young heiress Laura Preston is imprisoned, charged with the murder of her younger cousin Beatrice “Trixy” Waldron.

Written by “Mrs. Georgie Sheldon” (Sarah Elizabeth Forbush Downs 1843–1926), and copyright 1889 by Street and Smith.

Transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Merrow. 341 pages; 40 chapters; 110,000 words.

Trixy by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

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  • Chapter I. A Little Tempest.
  • Chapter II. Helping to Make a Fortune.
  • Chapter III. “Is Life All a Cheat?”
  • Chapter IV. Interrupted.
  • Chapter V. “I Shall Never Forgive It.”
  • Chapter VI. The Crisis.
  • Chapter VII. “That is Your Work!”
  • Chapter VIII. Who is the Guilty One?
  • Chapter IX. “Had He Betrayed His Trust?”
  • Chapter X. Borne to the Tomb.
  • Chapter XI. “I Will Never Marry Your Son.”
  • Chapter XII. “Good-By.”
  • Chapter XIII. Eliot’s Discovery.
  • Chapter XIV. Mlle. Pretoni.
  • Chapter XV. Doctor Van Dorn.
  • Chapter XVI. A Night of Horror.
  • Chapter XVII. Mrs. Waldron’s Harangue.
  • Chapter XVIII. A Painful Situation.
  • Chapter XIX. “I am Not Going to Desert Her.”
  • Chapter XX. A Just Rebuke.
  • Chapter XXI. The Missing Will.
  • Chapter XXII. “Who is She?”
  • Chapter XXIII. “Have You Told Her?”
  • Chapter XXIV. Eliot Harcourt’s Arrest.
  • Chapter XXV. A True Friend.
  • Chapter XXVI. “We’ll Beat ’Em!”
  • Chapter XXVII. Puzzling Questions.
  • Chapter XXVIII. “It is All a Mystery.”
  • Chapter XXIX. A Cruel Blow.
  • Chapter XXX. The Day of Trial.
  • Chapter XXXI. Eliot’s Testimony.
  • Chapter XXXII. Confession.
  • Chapter XXXIII. A Sensation.
  • Chapter XXXIV. His Very Own.
  • Chapter XXXV. The Doctor’s Perplexity.
  • Chapter XXXVI. A Joyful Meeting.
  • Chapter XXXVII. Uncle Job’s Offer.
  • Chapter XXXVIII. A Cheering Discovery.
  • Chapter XXXIX. The Clouds Dispersed.
  • Chapter XL. A Triple Wedding.